10 Year Reunion

Class of 2000 - Then & Now

Send your pics (in JPG format) to hunter.high.class.of.2000.classmemberphotos@blogger.com


Our New & Improved Database

Our contact list has been updated so that you can now immediately verify if your information has been submitted on the "Accounted Alumni" list. Enter your information in the new form located on the sidebar of this blog. Then just refresh or reload the blog page once you've submitted your information and your name should appear on the list.

Please send us your info even if you do not plan on attending this year's reunion. This list will be used to contact you of any future class events! We haven't had the chance to transfer the data of those that submitted on the older system so if your name doesn't appear on the list please resubmit your info and that will help us out immensely. Also, if you haven't yet, join our facebook group!

Please forward this info to those you know in our graduating class. Thanks all!

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The Wolverine Network

Do you have a family blog or website you'd like to share? Maybe a MySpace page? What about your own business? Email us at Hunter.High.Class.of.2000@gmail.com with your url and we will post a link here. Use "family" for the subject line for family blogs/websites and "business" for owned businesses.