10 Year Reunion

Class of 2000 - Then & Now

Send your pics (in JPG format) to hunter.high.class.of.2000.classmemberphotos@blogger.com


Back In Business

After a year+ long hiatus, this site is being updated again. Note that the list has been updated again. I have started sending messages to everyone who submits their information. Please make sure your email is accurate as this will be our medium for communication.

The websites (personal and business) in the sidebar will be updated in the next few weeks.

We are working on a date and venue and will be sending email updates to those who have submitted their contact info as soon as we have a firm reservation. These updates will also be posted on the facebook group.


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The Wolverine Network

Do you have a family blog or website you'd like to share? Maybe a MySpace page? What about your own business? Email us at Hunter.High.Class.of.2000@gmail.com with your url and we will post a link here. Use "family" for the subject line for family blogs/websites and "business" for owned businesses.