10 Year Reunion

Class of 2000 - Then & Now

Send your pics (in JPG format) to hunter.high.class.of.2000.classmemberphotos@blogger.com


Check The List

After you have sent in your contact information, I will be adding it to a database.  As info is transfered to the database I will update THE LIST. I will try to update it at least once a week, but if your name does not appear after two weeks please send an email to Hunter.High.Class.of.2000@gmail.com (in case you didn't catch that email address before :).

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The Wolverine Network

Do you have a family blog or website you'd like to share? Maybe a MySpace page? What about your own business? Email us at Hunter.High.Class.of.2000@gmail.com with your url and we will post a link here. Use "family" for the subject line for family blogs/websites and "business" for owned businesses.